ur herd consist of registered polled hereford cattle only.  We raise both seedstock and commercial cattle for sale.  Our herd is managed in accordance with the American Hereford Association's Total Performance Program, and the Texas Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. We concentrate on efficient and productive traits which are valuable to both the seedstock and commercial cattle raiser.  We even have Guarantee's which come with our cattle!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
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"The Herd"
  n the last eleven years, we have worked very hard as a family to select and breed the type of cattle that fit in today's commercial, as well as seedstock markets.  We will continue to move ahead with our breeding program, always looking towards the future, while maintaining a firm foundation with past generations.
  emales  in our herd must be fertile, calve easy, raise a good calf, have ample milk, maintain a functional udder, and keep easy.  Do we have a problem free herd?  Of course not, and if you find a breeder who does, then they probably have not been breeding cattle for very long.  Proper management, selection, care, and culling all play an important  part in the maintenance of our herd.  In addition to the traits mentioned above, we also try to select females with good pigmentation, good dispositions, 
and conservative color and markings.  Expected Progeny Differences (EPD's) as defined by the AHA are used as a tool to determine mating selections, tract genetic differences, and follow the progress of the cattle within our herd.    
Dam of Distinction Breeder!
Recognized "5 years"
on AHA's annual DOD list!
    ulls  kept and used in our herd must have the genetics, phenotype, and EPD's which move our program in the right direction.  Our bulls must keep easy, settle the cows, and give a good calf.  We also want our bulls to "genetically" (not just on paper), be able to put the same type of performance traits, which we desire in our cows, back into his offspring. All our herd sires, with the exception of some of their own sons being used within our program, are son's of proven trait leader sires.    These bulls have been selected from top breeders programs within the Polled
Son's of:
Tradition 434V,  Basic,
Endurance, P606,
& Felton's Matthew
used in our program!
Hereford breed.  We also use proven trait leader sires in our A.I. program.  Check out the sale barn for our current  offerings, or contact us about some of our young upcoming herd bull prospects, and future A.I and herd sire matings. 
    alves  are raised by their own Hereford mothers.  We have never used recipient mothers, or surrogate mothers for natural calves within our program.  This helps us identify the calves which perform well from birth to yearling age with no added advantages.  Our calves are not free choice creep fed, but may receive an occasional bucket of feed which keeps them all coming in!  No other supplement except a salt/mineral block or syrup lick is given.   A few select calves will receive additional feed if they are chosen for show.  Culling is done at weaning and again at yearling age.  No weaned calves are left on their mothers past the recorded
date unless it is an early weigh (between 110 to 180 days) for AHA purposes.  Recipient mothers are used for our embryo program calves, but the embryo's are based on proven genetics and have years of performance recording to back up their potential.  In this way, we know it's the genetics and performance behind the calf, and not just the ability of a surrogate mother!  Take a look at the sale barn for calves, and bred heifers for sale.
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas