Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
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This page is here to simply identify some of the fine people we have come in contact with since we established ourselves in the Polled Hereford business.  Many have helped us along our way, and some have even become partners in our endeavors.  There is alot to be said about the friendships we have created, and we do sincerely thank you for your advice, support, and yes....even your critisism!

                                                     The Harvey's
The Willis family has been raising Polled Hereford cattle for over 37 Years.  They have concentrated on, and are committed to, fertility and calving ease traits in all their cattle.  They are also putting strong eye pigmention into their program with each new generation. We purchased our first bred cows from Mike Willis, and he has been a friend and partner since!  We have owned four herd bulls together, and we share other herd bulls to increase their accuracies and progeny numbers.    
 RF Harvey Daughter at Willis Ranch            Willis herd sire  87L Red Dog                      Lunch time at the Willis'
The Stewart's have also been raising the Polled Hereford breed for well 30 years.  Scott and his Dad, Neal, are dedicated to raising the best in Polled Hereford genetics, and maintaining a performance oriented program.  Scott and Neal have both held board positions in the North East Texas Hereford Assoc., and Scott is an Instructor/ Manager for the Texas A&M Commerce Ag. Program.  We have been part owners with the Stewart's on three of our herd bulls: 621, Jedi, and P35      
We selected a group of bred heifers, and our first herd sire from the Metch's.  Although no cows remain, one distinguished herself in our herd as a Dam of Distinction, and was collected as a donor. Don, Ann, and Barbara have assisted us on numerous occasions, and helped expose us to the ups and downs of getting started as a new breeder.       
Metch Polled Herefords
Our first herd sire Metch Lex G709 None of his daughters remain in our herd, but Lex got our program off and running, and gave our two children an appreciation for cattle by allowing them to show him, and some of his offspring.

Spearhead Ranch

Thankyou Paul Funk and family for your gracious hospitality and kindness on our visit to your ranch in order to purchase of one of your bulls.  We still enjoy the periodic email conversations.  hooyah!

J.C. & JoAnn Rogers

Thankyou for all your hard work and energy that you put into the Texas Polled Herford Assoc.  You have always been a welcomed site to us at shows, sales, meetings and socials.  The encouragement you have given to us and our children is greatly appreciated and has made us feel part of the Polled Hereford family.

Jim & Linda Reed of Reed Enterprises

Thankyou Jim and Linda for all your help with sales, purchases, recommendations, and advertizing. Most of all we would like to thankyou for "Chunk".  He was an outstanding sire and moved our program foward for many years.

Oualline Polled Herefords

Thankyou Matt for you continued friendship, and you "contagious energy" when it comes to the Polled Herford business.  We always enjoy the visits and appreciate your concern for our family.

Matt & Melissa Gillespie

Thankyou for helping us in our search for new herd sires, and for being committed to us when we made our decision.  We enjoyed the continued visits through emails!
To everyone else who has assisted us in one way or another, Thankyou!
Home of the great
Donor cow from the
Felton's program

AHA Top 200 Sire

The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas