Our farm operations are simple, and are performed by family members.  We use no hired help.  Operations on the farm are broke down into three categories:


Additional information on management, care and records can be found by clicking on the word above.  Information on grasses, seasonal forage and hay can be found by clicking on the picture of the hay meadow.  Show cattle operations can be found on the "Showtime" page.    

Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
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"The Farm"
     e are a small farm located in North East Texas.  Our cattle herd is Family owned and operated.  Our herd is performance oriented, and we concentrate on efficient and productive traits valuable to both the seedstock, and the commercial cattle raiser.  We have been members of the American Hereford Assoc.,  the Texas Polled Hereford Assoc., the North East Texas Hereford Assoc., the South Texas Polled Hereford Assoc., Magnolia Hereford Assoc., and the Cross Timbers Hereford Assoc.   Our kids  have been members of the Texas Jr. Polled Hereford Assoc., and have shown our cattle.  Tina has been  a member of the Texas Pollettes.
In the spring of 1998, we purchased a set of registered bred cows from Willis Polled Herefords in Emory, Texas, and a group of bred heifers, plus our first registered bull from Metch Polled Herefords in Canton, Texas.  We also made some sales and bought direct from several other ranches within that year, and before we knew it,  we were in the Purebred, Registered Polled Hereford business!  We have always admired the Polled Hereford breed for their great durability and unique look,  but in the time we have been breeding Polled Herefords, we have learned to really appreciate the breed even more for their excellent dispositions, and "do-ability".  We have been assissted in our endeavors by our family, friends, fellow breeders, and by the numerous local, state and national associations and organizations affilliated with the Polled Hereford breed.  We Thank Y'all for your support!
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Our Farm was officially established in 1992, with the purchase of a small  parcel of land in Van Zandt County, Texas. Over the next several years, the farm expanded with the aquisition of several lease properties.  In 1996  we purchased our first set of Registered Polled Hereford females from the late Charles Branton's herd in Canton, Texas. Up to that point, we had been running a small group of cross bred cattle, and feeder calves.  Our children showed their Polled Herefords with the 4H program and within one year we were sold on the Hereford breed!   
Double H Farms' Background:
In 2009 we moved our operation to Cooper Texas where we reside today.  The move was made to get us closer to Tina's parents so we could look in on them, and to expand our operation where land was still a little more reasonable.  We are back to building the herd again, so look for cattle for sale in the near future

OUR GOALS:                                                                             
                                                                                                As our motto states:  "Performance on the Hoof!"
  • Breed quality cattle that perform on pasture. 
  • Sale registered cattle at fair prices.
  • Promote the Polled Hereford breed.                     
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